Weddings in the Trent and Derwent Parish Churches

If you are looking to get married , we are happy to discuss the possibility of arranging a marriage service for you at one of our churches if one of the following “qualifying connections” applies to you or your partner.

  • The parish church in which you wish to be married is your current place of worship and you have attended services regularly for the last six months.
  • During your lifetime, one of your parents has resided in the parish for at least six months or regularly been to church there over a period of six months.
  • You are currently resident in the parish in which you wish to be married and have lived there for at least six months.
  • You were baptised (christened) in the parish church in which you wish to be married.
  • You have been resident in the parish in which you wish to be married for at least six months at any time in the past.
  • The parish in which you wish to be married presented you for confirmation.
  • A parent or grandparent was married in the parish church in which you wish to be married.
  • You have regularly attended public worship in the parish church in which you wish to be married for at least 6 months at any time in the past.

If none of the above apply, you may wish to discuss the possibility of making the church in which you wish to be married your regular place of worship for at least six months in order to establish a “qualifying connection.”

We are usually happy to offer marriage to divorced people at the parish priest’s discretion. A “qualifying connection” will still need to apply

If you would like to enquire about booking a wedding, there is a “surgery” hour every Monday between 7.00 and 8.00 p.m. in the Vestry at Aston on Trent. You can also contact Tony, the Area Vicar, by phone, e mail or via the contact page for further information or advice about getting married.

Further Useful Information and Costs

Marriage Fees for 2010

The basic fee for this year is £365 at Aston, Weston, Shardlow, Barrow, Twyford & Swarkestone and £400 at Elvaston. On top of this, there are extras, such as bells (£80 at Aston and Shardlow, £40 at Weston, £45 Barrow & Twyford, £30 at Swarkestone), choir £50 and video £30 (if you are having the whole service filmed. See below).If you are getting married between October and April there is also a £25 charge for the heating.


Only Aston and Shardlow have a full peal of bells. Our teams of bell-ringers are all volunteers. Whilst we endeavour to do our best to obtain a team for your wedding, there may be occasions when this proves impossible because of holiday or work commitments. Bells are rung at the end of the service only.


Banns are the legal notices of marriage which we read out in Church on three Sundays during the twelve weeks prior to your wedding. Dates will be given when these will be read at the church where you are to be married. If either of you are resident in another parish or parishes, the banns will need to be read there too. A charge of £34 will be made by the parish concerned.

The correct calling of the banns and obtaining of the certificate(s) is an important legal precondition for your marriage. In some circumstances, where the calling of banns is not permitted or inappropriate, arrangements can be made for your marriage to be conducted by licence.


We are happy for photographs to be taken before and after the service and when the registers are signed, but not during the actual service. In most circumstances we apply the same rule for videos. However, if you are using a professional videographer, who possesses a copyright licence, we can give permission for the whole service to be filmed. In this case you will need to sign a form and an extra fee of £30 is charged.


Please contact the parish priest or a local church official if you wish to arrange access to the church for flower arrangements or decorations. Please make sure that nothing is attached to any of the church furniture by drawing pins, adhesive tape or anything else which will make a lasting mark, however small.

Change of Circumstances, Cancellation etc.

If you book a wedding with us, please let us know immediately if either of you are planning to change your address before your wedding. This could affect the legal situation with regard to the calling of banns. It is helpful too if you could let us know if you change your telephone number.

If for any reason you decide you wish to postpone your wedding or cancel altogether, it is vitally important that you are courteous and let us know. Remember, someone else may want the date and time we have reserved for you.